What I offer

menu of services

  • If you are just starting the comprehensive exam and/or proposal, I can help you brainstorm about topics and research questions, select an appropriate method and design that will facilitate smooth progress, refine your data collection procedures, and select fitting strategies and tools for analysis. 
  • I will keep track of the deadlines and task lists. 
  • If you don’t have sufficient time to write, you can audio record your ideas, email me the audio file, and I will help you organize your ideas.
  • I will modify my pre-formatted proposal and dissertation templates to include standard headings relevant to your chosen methods and designs. 
  • These pre-formatted templates include auto-update table of contents, the standard ordering of sections, and suggestions for the type of content expected under the standard headings.
  • For tasks such as interview transcription, I can use voice-to-text or subcontract for low-cost transcription.
  • I will work as your general contractor to outsource tasks such as finding needed articles, possibly through a cost-effective research assistant if the task is time-intensive.
  • For qualitative studies, I can help in (a) setting up a survey on surveymonkey, and (c) working with a trusted statistics professional to ensure correct use, interpretation, and presentation of statistical data.
  • I will ensure compliance with APA stylistic guidelines, your department’s specific style guide, and your reviewers’ demands. 
  • I will help you provide what advisors are looking for, help you understand the academic political scene, and help you negotiate for what you need from advisors. 
  • I will check in weekly with a 10-minute phone call to keep us on the same page and accountable.
  • After graduation, I will help you condense your content into a shorter format, such as a journal article, and investigate suitable sources for publication.


To say that Ardell was an excellent resource to me during the finalization of my dissertation is an understatement. Two of my cohort members recommended Ardell as efficient, thorough, and professional. When I reached out to Ardell for assistance, rather than try to "sell" me on her services she focused on what I was in need of. Ardell's services were well worth the cost. She even found a methodological error that my advisor had missed, which my advisor agreed was necessary to change. Although I'm a tenured professor, I needed an expert in APA. After my final defense, I submitted my dissertation to the APA review committee and after one review I was approved to submit and publish. Should anyone have any questions about my review, feel free to reach out to me: dalia1575 @ gmail.com. Dalia Juarez, Ed.D., Associate Professor of English at Compton College