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Abstract for University Corporatization Report

This study compares three private online universities offering an online doctoral degree: Capella University, University of Phoenix, and Walden University. These have been among the highest in enrollment in the past decade. While online study offers convenience, this study shows that the failure to offer adequate support to students, sometimes with a conflict of interest in offering such support, leads to a situation of exploitation. The assurance of support lures many less-qualified students to enroll, convinced of the higher earning opportunities that a doctoral degree will afford them. Yet many flounder during the dissertation process, sometimes turning to external paid sources of help, with sunk costs keeping them working toward and paying toward a goal that remains out of reach for many. Regardless of disapproval by the Government Accountability office, and several lawsuits, the problem persists. The inner causes of these problems are explored by referring to statements made by employees of these universities, gathered from the job posting site