for all-but-dissertation students left to sink or swim...

As an editor, I was throwing in the life-saver float ring. 

Now I come out with a speedboat and a world-class rescue team. 

These are the clients I work best with:

  • You have found that your advisor is either over-extended or has a conflict of interest in the dissertation process, such as being paid handsomely per semester whether you progress or not.
  • You understand that much of the dissertation process is a political game, a jumping thru hoops.
  • You want the full extent of help, within the bounds of academic ethical norms, a "general contractor" or project manager to set up the support services you need.
  • You have a demanding schedule that has not allowed for quick progress on the comps or dissertation. 
  • You are willing to pay for top level services because by graduating sooner, you will make up that cost through tuition you save and/or a pay increase you will sooner gain.
  • You understand that top level services require higher pay and that with a small number of clients, I can give your dissertation the intense focus it needs for the quickest possible progress.
  • You are enthusiastic about your topic and have an interest in promoting your ideas.
  • Your department requires APA style.

What my clients say about me:

“People would kill for your skill set.”

 — Willo Rodriquez, ABD, Director of Aquatics, West Valley College

“If you are reading this review and wondering if it is worth it to have Ardell Broadbent help you with your work, I strongly encourage you to proceed. I got to the point where I needed to prepare the final document to present to my committee in preparation for my dissertation defense and realized that if I were to have the best chances for a smooth (and quick) process, I needed an editor. I was surprised by how broad the range in costs were online among seemingly similar services. Ardell came highly recommended, however, and I was impressed by the transparency on her site. Furthermore, she threw in plenty of encouragement and advice for free! I am thoroughly impressed with Ardell's expertise, professionalism, and timeliness. My defense went off without a hitch! Regarding her prices, she was actually able to complete what I requested in just half the time estimated, since I had done a decent job of formatting already, allowing me to celebrate with a wee trip! I consider Ardell to have been a critical member of my dissertation team.” — Alexis Pope, Ed.D., Director of Admissions, Appalachian State University

“Ardell can guide you from start to finish. A close colleague of mine who knows my second-language issues read my dissertation and said, ‘I know you didn’t write this alone, but I can hear your voice’.” — Mario E. Castaneda, Ed.D., Professor of Curriculum & Instruction, California State University

Why I’m good at what I do:

  • I have the knowledge of an academic insider, but I now choose to work on the students’ side rather than on the academic payroll. 
  • I’ve edited and/or coached over 400 theses and dissertations. 
  • I have the research background to fill in where your advisor is less helpful and guide you in accommodating his or her preferences.
  • I am detail-oriented, methodical, with language scores off the charts.
  • I take the load off you as I (a) start wherever you are in the process and take on whatever tasks aren’t your specialty; (b) keep track of the deadlines and task lists; (c) help you organize your ideas; (d) coordinate outsourced tasks such as finding needed articles, setting up a survey on surveymonkey, and working with a trusted statistics professional to ensure correct use and interpretation; (e) clarify what advisors are looking for, help you understand the academic political scene, and help you negotiate for what you need from advisors; (f) ensure compliance with APA stylistic guidelines, your department’s specific style guide, and your reviewers’ demands; (g) check in regularly to keep us on the same page and accountable.  

Where do we start?

Let's start with a 20-minute introductory phone call to discuss your needs. Click below to schedule that. If you wish, I will look briefly at your current work briefly prior to our call. You are welcome to speak with two or more of my past clients to discuss their experience with my services. We might proceed to a formal consultation to determine an estimated cost of services based on your requirements. I request $50 for an initial document review and continued discussion. If we determine we are not a good fit for working together, you will still get valuable guidance from the consultation. I may also refer you to others who can meet your needs.